Home Office


If I still worked at Forever21 today, this is probably me this afternoon.

Yep, Bunny Fu Fu is down
Yep, Bunny Fu Fu is down

While owning your own business is WAY more tiring than working at an office, but there is never a dull moment. I cannot express how awesome it is to work in my pajamas!

it’s got pockets, are you into that? 😉



After few weeks of running around town in the hot weather it was nice to get a slow day today. So with a cup of iced tea, and my pressed flowers I started sketching for our next season.


Fall Sketch

I love collecting pressed flowers, these are Pink Dombeya I collected from San Diego. Not sure how it’ll translate onto t-shirts yet, maybe some kind of discharge? I don’t know yet, but today has been a productive day at the office. 😉