Late Night Flower Arrangement

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My friend Allen and I are both suckers for flowers. He grows his own flowers on the balcony while I’m far too lazy for that. He took some fancy flower arrangements home from his company event and shared some with me (yay friendship is magic). Problem was I don’t have a vase big enough for all of them. But since my roommate wanted some too, I separated the flowers out and made new arrangements.

late night floral

I love white roses normally, but these look wilted. They are at the right “wilt-ness” for dry flowers though, so they are happily hanging in the bathroom in a lovely bundle. I played with the different texture of two different hydrangeas. I cut the green hydrangea stems shorter so they act as green leaves complementing rest of the white flowers. I thought it might be too boring with only hydrangeas for my roommate, I picked out few nicer roses and tucked them in.

Hydrangea detail

My favorite part is of course the orchid, it off sets the entire set up.


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