Drawing With Patience

Paisley Sketch


Lately I found new inspirations in Indian block prints. I’ve avoided them because they’ve always looked difficult and time consuming. To the honest, they were! So many little elements that I wanted to make sure are perfect, but after a while I figured I’d have more fun if I just let it go a bit. My favorite studies ended up being the ones with little mistakes probably only I would have cared. I enjoyed painting with tiny brushes that I rarely used, there is something satisfying about filling up the details


Even though my back hurts from hunching over while painting this, I find it rewarding. You have to be patient to wait for watercolor to dry so you don’t accidentally smear things (thank you Photoshop). You know what, after getting used to the process I picked up my speed. Good thing I could make a repeat in the computer later, so I didn’t have to hand draw everything (yes I cheat). I think I’ll continue with this process, maybe something with paisley and add more color into it.

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