How to get rid of the cursor ring for wacom tablet

Oh my freaking god, I just spent the past 2 hours of my life searching through the internet to find a way to get rid of the stupid cursor ring! I remember I’ve done it about 4 years ago when I first got my laptop, not somehow it had forgotten all my settings, and I’ve forgotten how to disable this thing. So here is a note to my self, and for you hopefully, on how to get rid of the circle around cursor.

From what I gathered, it is not a Wacom setting. It’s something to do with Windows’s tablet PC setting.
Try these steps, one or combinations of them will bound to get rid of this annoying thing.

1. Easiest.
In Control Panel > Pen & Touch > select “Press and Hold” > click Settings…> UNCHECK “Enable press and hold for right clicking” > OK
In the same window, go to tab Flicks > UNCHECK Use flicks and Display flicks(at bottom)> OK
This works for most people, but these kind of thing never worked for me on the first try. So if you are like me, high-five on being unlucky, and continue reading.

2.Pretty much worked okay…. THE FIRST TIME
Start > Search > Services A window should come up with a bunch of services on the right side and description in the middle (Extended view, tab options at the bottom) Look for Tablet PC Input Service. In the description panel it should say Restart, and Stop. Then right click on Tablet PC input Service > Properties > Start up type: DISABLED. If you don’t do this, the ring will come back if you restart your PC.
While you are over here in the service window, take a look at Wacom Professional Service. Remember it! Sometimes, for whatever reason my tablet will stop working randomly. It’ll say Tablet Drive Not Found, it doesn’t sense pen pressure in Photoshop. If you ever run into that and don’t want to restart your computer you can always just stop and restart this service. Yay~~ no reboot!

I think this is what worked for me 4 years ago, but this time ….. not so lucky. =[ =[ =[ Sad face all around.

3. Registry Fix (For Windows 7, if you have Windows 7 Professional, read 4th one below)
There is always some risk with messing with stuff in registry, butttttt I was pretty annoyed by the circles, and apparently this is a sure way of doing it for Windows 7 Home Premium. You don’t want to change the wrong thing; your life and death rests on 1s and 0s. (Just kidding, it’s super easy.)
Start a note pad, copy the follow onto it


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




Save as > ihatecircles.reg  (<— important .REG)
Double click on the file you just made, Run it, there will be a warning box, click OK. Then another one after it has worked. So you have 3 pops ups in total to go through. Run+warning+confirmation.
Finally you just need to log off then back on….. Life becomes good, and beautiful!

4. Group Policy…
This only works for Windows 7 Professional and up. Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Starter doesn’t have this feature. So go >>here<< to get it enabled. Or search for “How to enable group policy for windows 7” You do have to install something extra though… very annoying. Don’t want to install anything? Go with #3
Start > search for ” gpedit.msc “
User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Tablet PC > Cursors
TURN OFF pen feedback setting.
This should fix everything!

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